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創作自述 Artist Statement




My artistic identity is no different than that of ordinary intellectuals in other disciplines, only it involves more artistic technique and aesthetic ability. I express common problems, just like a writer uses his pen to comment on current events, I use art to criticise society.



I wish to forcefully grasp fragile and entirely oppositional poles, allowing them to coexist. This is a type of cyclical relational structure; up and down, high and low, fundamentally don’t have opposites, but have been mutually matched. In this process, the center is removed, as well as the self.



I want to take all my work, no matter if it’s video, sculpture, installation, or painting, and create an image lattice, which allows viewers to enter the mind and achieves the goal of dissemination. Art should be a tool of propaganda, a tool to awaken the collective conscience. This is the only choice under very pressing conditions