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後內經圖系列 / The Post-Inner Scripture Series





The ancient Neijing Tu (Inner Scripture) is a diagram that depicts blood and chi circulation throughout the body, providing Taoists with a guide on how to meditate and practice wellness techniques. Using ancient Inner Scripture as his creative foundation, Hung-Chih Peng invites viewers to spill or drip paint onto a canvas through the method of action painting. Along the traces of these spills, the artist then develops complete contour lines to form a strong and willful sense to the image. The result is a painting that is subjectively rendered through the participation of viewers. Embodying the interaction of improvised painting between the artist and the viewer, the painting conveys the flow and energy of the inner universes and essences of both parties, serving as a re-interpretation of the concepts portrayed by the ancient Inner Scripture. Through it, viewers are able to deeply contemplate the broad-reaching, spiritual philosophy of China.

Hungchih Peng's brushstrokes are delicate and sensitive, allowing him to express the finest of details within his paintings. The canvas is full with twisted and curved lines, and the subtlety of brushworks can be seen through artist's delicate rendering. In Post Inner Scripture series, Hungchih Peng creates an improvisation-like imagery by combining a surrealistic style with brush strokes that evoke a sense of action painting. Peng uses Western painting techniques to capture the occult charm of China's ancient Inner Scripture, integrating Eastern and Western artistic language into one canvas as well as forming an artistic style imbued with personal aesthetic properties.


此系列作品 / Paintings in this series


後內經圖之易修 Post-Inner Scripture – Yi-Xiu

後內經圖之星語1 Post-Inner Scripture –Xingyu 1


後內經圖之藏中 Post-Inner Scripture –cangzhong

後內經圖之桃節 Post-Inner Scripture –Taojie

後內經圖之形斗 Post-Inner Scripture –Xingdou

後內經圖之織珠Post-Inner Scripture –Zhizhu

後內經圖之銀箭 Post-Inner Scripture –Silver Arrow

後內經圖之天庭 Post-Inner Scripture –Heaven

後內經圖之章節 Post-Inner Scripture –Zhangjie

後內經圖之龍形 Post-Inner Scripture – Dragon

後內經圖之潛浮 Post-Inner Scripture – Floating

後內經圖之謙 Post-Inner Scripture – Modesty

後內經圖之駱神 Post-Inner Scripture – God of Camel


後內經圖之楓行 Post-Inner Scripture – Maple Walk

後內經圖之心眼 Post-Inner Scripture – Inner Eye

後內經圖之繪星 Post-Inner Scripture – Huixing

後內經圖之心輪 Post-Inner Scripture – Heart Wheel

後內經圖之柏芽 Post-Inner Scripture –Cypress Bud

後內經圖之繪語1 Post-Inner Scripture – Huiyu 1

後內經圖之閉目Post-Inner Scripture –Closed Eyes


中英文簡介-李雪萍 / Chinese and English introduction- Claire Lee