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圖像 Photograph 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

落難神明像-1            2006            彩色數位照片            90x145公分

“Misfortune God-1”            2006          C-Print            90x145cm


這一系列的攝影作品,拍攝自「 神明收容所 」裝置作品中槓龜而被丟棄的神像。這些神像被丟棄暴露在戶外環境,形成掉漆,鬍子纏繞在一起,頭顱破損的現象。祂們的悲慘命運,從不可一世的神明變成了無家可歸者。神像上的笑容不免也顯示出落寞與哀傷。事實上這些小神像雕塑成人形也是為了要提醒我們:眼睛所見範圍之外還有一個難以想像的境界。透過這件作品,我們重新審思人類的信仰行為,提醒著我們神明是人類心理的投射。如同人類,祂們也是照著別人的期望來定義的。

A series of photographs depict deities that were abandoned because they were unable to divine winning lotto numbers (see God Pound). These abandoned gods, exiled in outdoor environments, reveal crackling paint, tangled beards and fractured skulls. Aware of their miserable fate, from worshipped spirits to wretched homeless, the unwavering smiles of the deities seem to reveal signs of sadness and worry. The fact that these little deities are cast in the shape of men serves to remind us how difficult it is for people to imagine anything outside the register of the visible. In these works that contemplate the human nature of religion, we are reminded that gods are the product of people’s projections. Just like people, they are defined by what others want them to be.


攝影:李國民 Camera: Kuomin Lee / 英文簡介 English Introduction by Sarah Lookofsky