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"煤炭做的悍馬" 2009 煤,玻璃鋼,鐵架 200(H)×230(W)×480(L)cm

"Hummer Made of Coal " 2009 Coal, Fiber Glass, Metal Frame 200(H)×230(W)×480(L)cm


一輛由煤渣翻製成的原比例大小的悍馬車,黝黑的龐大身軀沉重地掩飾了內在的爆炸力--能源。美國品牌的汽車大多體積龐大,而且非常耗油,為了本國的大量消耗,不斷地在全世界使用民主的名義和戰爭的手段搜尋能歸為己用的石油。 1980年美國AMG承接美國軍方的訂單,悍馬越野軍用車由此誕生。借助在海灣戰爭中的優異表現,民用悍馬面世,也是中國的煤老闆最喜歡擁有的車款,並且是歐美名車中最為耗油的車種。沒想到為了獲取石油的波灣戰爭後,美國輸掉了“悍馬”,竟被名不見經傳的中國四川的滕中重工併購,這或許也是美國拖垮中國經濟的戰略,讓承接的中國公司最後經營不善倒閉,虧光所有的錢,用光所有的汽油。在這裡,世界產煤最多的中國和石油需求最大的美國,多種對立與巧合在這裡呈現出奇異的碰撞,也顯示出大國心態沒有根本性的不同。


弘智, 2009 十一月, 北京

This is a full-scale Hummer made of coal cinders. The darkness of its immense bulk overshadows its inherent power-energy. The majority of American automobiles are oversized gas guzzlers and in order to accommodate its own heavy consumption, the United States seeks to expand its oil resources all over the world using “democracy” and war as the means to do so. In 1980, the Hum-vee cross country military vehicle was created by AM General Corporation under contract to the United States Armed Forces. Aided by excellent performance during the Gulf War, a civilian version was soon made available. Interestingly, Chinese coal bosses have a special affection for the Hummer brand, which is the most fuel inefficient vehicle among the famous western brand names. It’s hard to believe that after the Gulf War, which was motivated by securing oil resources, the U.S. has lost the Hummer, when the brand was unexpectedly purchased by Sichuan Teng Zhong Heavy Industry Machinery Company Ltd. Perhaps this is a Chinese economic strategy to wear down the U.S., allowing a Chinese company to run the business into bankruptcy, lose all the money and use all the gas. With China as the world's largest producer of coal and America as the largest consumer of oil, numerous types of opposition and coincidence collide bizarrely in this work, revealing that the mentality of these two powers are fundamentally the same.


Hung-Chih, Nov. 2009, in Beijing


攝影: 彭泓智 photo: Hung-Chih Peng / 英文翻譯:姬蓮 English Translation by Jillian Schultz