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原"明日前鋒"節目片段(取材自Youtube, 非作品一部份)

Video Clip from Original TV Progran "Tomorrow's Pioneer" (From Toutube, not part of this art work)

“法福殉難記 “  2008 不鏽鋼噴水裝置  213H x 200L x 180W cm

“Farfur, the martyr”  2008 Stainless Steel Fountain   213H x 200L x 180W cm


“法福殉難記”是在巴勒斯坦隸屬於哈瑪斯組織的阿克薩電視台(Al-Aqsa TV)的兒童節目﹣「明日前鋒」(Tomorrow’s Pioneers)的主持人法福(Farfur)穿著連身裝,扮成與迪士尼著名卡通人物米老鼠相似的模樣,與該節目一名小女孩共同主持人,教導小朋友學習哈瑪斯激進份子以成為虔誠的穆斯林,並呼籲兒童支持武裝對抗以色列,在最後一集的節目中,法福被一個扮成以色列人的角色毆打致死。米老鼠,一個美國文化帝國主義用以文化殖民第三世界小朋友的形象,在這裡竟被使用成反美及反以色列的工具,其角色在這裡可以說是同時存在的兩個極端,文化符號在這種複雜權力的關係下,除了俯合各自的命題,卻又互相矛盾的情況下,產生的扭曲可以說是當下最真實的荒謬劇。在這裡,我完成了一件噴水裝置,使用了耶穌受難的形象,但戴上了法福的頭罩,並在身體一些好笑的位置讓水從身上噴出來,噴在一個大衛之星的噴水池上。

弘智, 2009 二月, 北京

Farfur, the Martyr is based on the children’s television program Tomorrow's Pioneers on the Hamas television station, Al-Aqsa TV. Tomorrow’s Pioneer’s is hosted by Farfur, a costumed character resembling Disney’s Mickey Mouse, along with a young female co-host. Together they perform skits and educate children about Islamic extremism and jihadist proselytism, encouraging children to bear arms and fight against Israel. In the last season, Farfur was beaten to death by a character dressed as an Israeli. Mickey Mouse, an image used by American cultural Imperialism to “colonize” children in third world countries, becomes a tool for anti-American and anti-Israeli sentiments. In this way, this character can be seen as existing at extremes. Under this type of complex power structure and conflicting situation, this cultural symbol, aside from adhering to the respective motives of each culture, produces a twist that can be seen as the truest farce of our times. I have created a fountain installation featuring the body of crucified Jesus with Farfur’s head and water gushing forth from a few humorous parts of the body into a star of David shaped basin.

Hung-Chih, Feb 2009, in Beijing


攝影: 彭泓智 photo: Hung-Chih Peng / 英文翻譯:周貞徵 邵樂人 姬蓮 English Translation by Jenny C. Chou Larry A. Shao and Jillian Schultz