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“面對面” 玻璃纖維,LCD螢幕, VCD放映器,揚聲器。  可變尺寸  2001

"Face to Face", 2001, fiber glass, LCD monitors, VCD players and speakers, various size



The gallery installation comprised a series of white fiberglass dog sculptures. The head of each dog contained a human head-shaped opening through which viewers could watch footage shot from a canine perspective. Mounted on the dog’s forehead, the camera documented meeting and greeting other dogs, barking, eating, etc. The positions of the sculptures as well as their sometimes awkwardly placed viewing orifices forced visitors to crouch down and straddle these forms, thereby transgressing the traditional boundary between the work of art and the viewing subject. However, despite the fact that the spectator literally had access to another species’ vision, the sentiments motivating the dog’s movements and actions were not so easily interpretable. Providing a constant reminder that seeing from another’s perspective is easier said than done, the sculptures nonetheless served to facilitate an approximation of species.



O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Australia

攝影 Photo: Otto Saxinger / 英文簡介 English Introduction by Sarah Lookofsky