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“收藏家之犬”    2005          DVD單頻道錄影         7分49秒

Collector's Dog, 2005, video installtion, 7m49s



In the video installation, the viewer is presented with art collectors who have canine companions. A surveillance camera mounted on the art collector’s dog documents not only the animal’s meandering, but also catches bits of its owner’s description of artworks in the home. This provides for a disorienting storyline, as the dog’s attention clearly is not driven by the collector’s narrative. The artistic centerpieces, giving the collector prestige and esteem from a human vantage point, immediately loose prominence when the site line is displaced a few feet closer to the floor. When seen from all fours, the experience of art becomes a much less elevating pursuit. (by Susan Lookofsky)


2005年7月8日位於紐約州的Ghent收藏家兼建築師Peter Frank及Kathleen Triem的家中

July 8, 2005 at Peter Frank and Kathleen Triem's house, Ghent, New York