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"犬僧" / 11頻道DVD錄影 / 610Hx340Wx43D cm / 2004-2008

”Canine Monk“ / 11 Channel DVD and computer Videos / 610Hx340Wx43D cm / 2004-2008



”Canine Monk“ is a series of 10 videos. It usually has been showed individually, some of them as a group or a whole set constructing a huge Crucifix by 11 42" LCD monitors.


在「犬僧」錄像系列作品中,彭弘智的狗真正地介入了牠的主人-藝術創作者的位置,並因此成為了一個會創作的主體。在畫面中,這隻狗在牆上舔寫出宗教經典。藝術家先用油書寫經文,再將狗食塗抹在這些文字上,讓狗吃掉。當錄影藝術中經常被使用的倒轉功能在此呈現時,狗的角色便由本能性的生物轉化成了藝術家,並因此又闡述出了另一個“倒轉“:狗這個字“DOG”反轉過來,就是神“GOD”了。曾幾何時,人類最忠實的夥伴、次等生物的狗,在此又加上了一個完全矛盾的身分:神諭的佈達者。當美國藝術家William Wegmann 經常裝扮他的狗,呈現出狗擬人化的劇情角色時,彭的四腳伴侶儼然已晉升為表演的主體,藉此取代了人類的位置。狗在此斡旋於讀者與經文之間,疏離了對我們早已習以為常的經典,因此這作品也反應出以往我們疏於考慮的問題:誰才是在背後撰寫這些經文的作者?而訴求的對象又是誰?神奇的是,出於狗嘴的文字,卻彷彿更人性化了。


In the series of works entitled “Canine Monk”, Peng’s dog literally steps in his artist-owner’s place as creative subject. In the videos, the dog writes texts from central religious scriptures on the wall. The artist first painted the words in oil and then covered them with dog food. When the common video feature of rewind was used, the role of the dog changes from instinctive creature to creative agent, thereby thematizing another “rewind;” dog is god in reverse. At once innocent creature, inferior species as well as trusted companion, the dog holds an ambivalent position as mediator of often sacred texts. While the artist William Wegman often dresses up his dogs and positions them in anthropomorphic scenarios, Peng’s four-legged companion is elevated to performing subject, thereby displacing its human counterpart. The dog intervenes between reader and text, thus defamiliarizing what are often familiar passages. The piece therefore raises questions that are not normally pondered: who is the writing subject of these writings and to whom are they addressed? When articulated via the mouth of the dog, the words, strangely, seem all the more human.


以此系列紀念我的愛犬Yukie / This series is dedicated to my beloved dog "Yukie"


此系列作品 / Videos in this series


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