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“十誡及伊斯蘭註解“  2007  HD二頻道錄影  05分34秒

10 Commandments and Islamic Exegesis”  2007  2 Channel HD Videos  05m34s


這件作品是一部雙投影的錄像作品,在左邊的投影中,一隻狗用希伯來文寫下舊約聖經的十誡;而同時在右邊的螢幕上, 同一隻狗寫下與左邊相互對照的、節錄自可蘭經,文意相同的句子,但卻不是阿拉伯原文,而是以英文呈現。在這戰爭的時代,西方觀眾很自然地以為是可蘭經,而表現出對回教信仰錯誤的既定印象。在這裡,這隻狗的他我(alter ego),取代了藝術家的吃重角色,來發表政治聲明,並且權充起人類對立陣營中的調停角色。

The video is a dual-screen projection. On the left, the dog shapes the Ten Commandments in Hebrew. On the right, almost identical quotes are excerpted from the Koran, only here they are written in English. Western viewers may automatically identify with the Koranic scriptures—making topsy-turvy of common conceptions of the Muslim faith in these times of war. The alter ego of the dog, here replacing the loaded position of the artist making political statements, serves as a makeshift mediator between humans who don’t get along.



內文 The Scripture:

1. There is no other god beside God. (47:19)

2. My Lord, make this a peaceful land,
and protect me and my children from worshiping idols. (14:35)

3. Do not subject God's name to your casual swearing,
that you may appear righteous, pious,
or to attain credibility among the people. (2:224)

4. ....on Friday,
you shall hasten to the commemoration of GOD,
and drop all business. (62:9)

5. ....and your parents shall be honored.
As long as one or both of them live, ....
you shall treat them amicably.

6. ....anyone who murders any person....
it shall be as if he murdered all the people.(5:32)

7. You shall not commit adultery;
it is a gross sin, and an evil behavior.(17:32)

8. The thief, male or female,
you shall mark their hands as a punishment. (5:38 - 39)

9. Do not withhold any testimony
by concealing what you had witnessed.
Anyone who withholds a testimony is sinful at heart.(2:283)

10. And do not covet
what we bestowed upon any other people.
Such are temporary ornaments of this life, .... (20:131)


Authorized English Version translated from the Original by Rashad Khalifa, PhD.


Thanks to 陳致宇 Chen Chih-Yu's assistance in video setting / 英文簡介 English Introduction by Sarah Lookofsky